LEILex provides complete vLEI (Verifiable LEI) solutions and consulting services through partner development firm pTools Software.


Solutions cover clients for all aspects of development and relationship management and accreditation applications processes with GLEIF and other stakeholders, partners and end-users including Banks and national regulators and registration authorities.


Engagement is based on a structured and proven process that includes:


  • Assessment and needs analysis leading to agreed plan documentation


  • Expression of Interest and Submissions to GLEIF with respect to vLEI


  • Engagement and guidance in regard to signing of Master Agreement and resulting compliance with GLEIF requirements


  • Full end-to-end applications software development, testing, deployment, training, support and managed services for vLEI


  • Post-Accreditation and ongoing support including data quality and compliance, and updates to changes in GLEIF data and infrastructure reporting requirements.


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