LEILex partners with pTools software to ensure extended risk mitigation in LEI issuance that underpins regulatory requirements and reporting and security at the highest levels. The robustness of the GLEIF LEI issuance system depends on the highest levels of data quality and this is monitored by GLEIF who issue monthly reports for all LOUs including LEILex partner London Stock Exchange - LSEG. In addition, LEILex provides a persistent Sanctions Screening check in line with KYC and AML requirements for all market information issuance of this nature. We update the result of this Sanctions Screening check on the GLEIF data-set here below a monthly basis and on a persistent basis for LEILex Affiliates.


As of 1st June 2024 there are currently 2,644,551 LEIs issued by 38 LOUs worldwide. LEILex identifies possible Sanctions Screening risk within 608 of the 2,644,551 LEIs issued at this time.


Please note, this is a persistent Sanctions Screening check and outcomes vary on a nightly basis and as individual LEIs are registered. LEILex provides risk inferences only. For more detail on persistent Sanctions Screening please contact us below.

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